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Terror Overseas

Terror Overseas
Well, it happened again. Terrorists, said to be an Al-Qaeda cell, parked two cars packed with gasoline, nails and cell phones in a busy part of London. This was discovered on Friday, June 29; on Saturday, terrorists managed to drive a vehicle loaded with gasoline to the doors of the airport in Glasgow, Scotland.

As of today, July 2, seven foreign-born terrorists have been arrested. Two of these men are medical doctors who have been practicing in hospitals in London, and who completed their medical training in Jordan and Iraq.

It is very close to Independence Day here in the U.S. People are making (and keeping) travel plans in order to spend this holiday with friends and family. Security has been increased in and around airports, in response to the events in London and Scotland.

It is right that we do not cave in to the terrorists’ plans – it has been said many times before that they would win if we gave up our lives. That does not mean that we should not take due care and notice people around us, and what they are doing. We have been a free country for 231 years; if we had not taken the time to make note of what was happening around us, would our country be the same? Who knows?

Along the same lines, but much more localized – the news account of a gang shooting in Anthony, New Mexico. The gangs want to force people to acknowledge them, even going to the point of shooting others who do not want to do so. Gang members want to be free to do what they want, regardless of its legality or not; they want to force other people who are not their “homies” out of “their turf”.

Gang members who want to live life outside the law and terrorists who want to kill innocent people because they are not of their faith – rob people of their lives and freedom.

Our country is about freedom to believe as we choose, practice our faith as we choose and speak freely. It has been that way for well over 200 years, and it will continue. Please remember that as you gather with friends and family to eat, celebrate, shoot fireworks and watch fireworks celebrations in your communities.

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