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Death in a Far Away Community

Death in a Far Away Community
My entry today concerns the untimely, tragic death of Jessie Davis, the woman who disappeared from her home two weeks ago.

Davis, who was pregnant with her second child, a girl she had already named Chloe, was found dead this weekend, leaving her two-year old son without his mommy.

Davis’ boyfriend, Bobby Joe Cutts, the father of both of her children, has been arrested in connection with her death. He had been considered a suspect almost from the beginning of the search for Davis.

In an interview on the “Today Show”, aired Monday morning, Cutts’ former girlfriend alluded to a long-term pattern of domestic violence perpetrated by Cutts. She said that one of the most recent incidents of violence was a phone call filled with threats against her.

Domestic violence is a scar on the face of American society. It tears lives apart — the lives of the victims, their families and friends.

As Cutts’ former girlfriend managed to escape, a Las Cruces woman also managed to escape with her six children. Stacy Gaugler broke free and learned about the dynamics of domestic violence from her counselors at La Casa, a shelter for the victims of domestic violence, which is located in Las Cruces. Gaugler made the decision that she would never again find herself in a violent relationship; she also decided to enroll at New Mexico State University, in the School of Social Work.

Gaugler graduated from NMSU with her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is closer to her goal of lobbying for stronger laws against domestic violence and for the protection of those most affected by this crime.

I will publish my interview with Gaugler in another post this week. It is a harrowing, frightening story, one that I hope makes many people think and take time to pause and say a quiet prayer for the souls of Jessie and Chloe Davis, as well as for the many unnamed victims.

May God hold Jessie and Chloe in His hands for eternity. God bless both of you and all victims of domestic violence.


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