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Introduction to Bobbie, Joseph and Travis

Introduction to Bobbie, Joseph and Travis
This is the first of many entries to my new blog site. First of all, I am a recent journalism graduate from New Mexico State University, in Las Cruces, New Mexico! (Yes, New Mexico is part of the U.S., a fact of which some people are unaware.) I ran face-first into this realization when I lived overseas in Aschaffenburg, W. Germany 20-some years ago. Some of my then-husband’s co-workers in the First Battalion, Third Infantry Division looked in wonder at us, and asked why we spoke such perfect English. Next was the inevitable question about money (U.S. or Mexican), then drinking the water.

After we moved back to Las Cruces, I worked as a substitute teacher, cashier, office manager, and raised my first son, who is now 23 years old. Joseph is currently a senior at NMSU, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a supplemental math major and a minor in military science. He is also in Army ROTC, the New Mexico Army National Guard (elements of his unit have just departed New Mexico for training and an eventual deployment overseas to Iraq). He is also a member of two guitar groups — Trio los Guapos, which means the Three Handsome Ones, and Roma. Joseph and Mike Stevens comprise Roma. This group plays Gypsy jazz, Gypsy fusion, rumbas and flamenco music. Mike and Joseph play most Saturday nights at the Azul Lounge in the Hotel Encanto here in Las Cruces. If you are here in Las Cruces, stop by! They are great!

My youngest son, Travis, is 16 and a junior at Las Cruces High School, home of the ‘Dawgs. He, like his big brother, is highly gifted and intelligent. He is a member of the LCHS Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Mariachi Diamante de Las Cruces High School, and out of school, a member of Mariachi Espuelas de Cobre (Copper Spurs). He will begin to practice with Espuelas de Plata (Silver) when he comes back to Las Cruces in August. Espuelas de Cobre is the apprentice group for Espuelas de Plata. Travis plays a wicked violin, some guitar, and has taught himself some basic piano. He also wants to learn trumpet! His probable majors in college are music (obviously) and/or preveterinary medicine.

As for me, I am currently working at NMSU in the Office of the Registrar. While I am working there, I am also looking for permanent employment in the journalism field, thus, this blog.

As I wrote earlier, I graduated from NMSU in December, 2006 with my B,A, in Journalism and Mass Communications. I am a single mom of two hyper-busy young men. I used to be a social worker for the state of New Mexico. I suffered burn out and left that field. I will always love social work and I applaud the efforts that every dedicated social worker makes every day to facilitate change in the lives of their clients/families.

My plans for this blog site are to create entries like today’s, comment on everyday news events, such as the Ohio mom who has been missing for almost two weeks. I will also upload some of my earlier writings, such as stories I wrote for assignments, as well as new creations.

I hope the writings on my blog will interest all who enter and read; I also look forward to your comments. As I become more technologically proficient, I will also upload photos. They will be photos of my family and me, and content related to the topic I am writing about.

For now, have a great weekend, don’t overdo, and I  will see you again!


One Way I Choose to Keep the Shreds of My Sanity

One Way I Choose to Relax and Keep the Shreds of My Sanity . . .
I am: a single parent of two young men; looking for a permanent, full time job in my professional field as I work full time in my temporary job; taking care of two possessive, jealous cats and two overly excitable dogs who piddle and poop everywhere; trying to build my Avon business; and trying to stay relatively sane.

How do I hang on to those precious, few shards of normality? I crochet, cross stitch or do beadwork. At the moment, I am about 1/3 of the way through an afghan for my younger son. It is constructed of two shades of red and two shades of blue (his school colors), in a crochet triple stitch. My older son likes the pattern so much that I will use two of the same colors and make him an afghan. I have christened the pattern “School Colors”.

I am also collecting skeins of yarn in colors that I don’t have and crocheting “corkscrew” hangers that I can tie to my car’s radio antenna. The reason for doing this is that drivers seem to miss the presence of my car as I am driving in their general vicinity. They nearly strike me as they are spontaneously changing lanes with no warning signal; they drive across my pathway, seeming to ignore the fact that I am driving down a 35-mile per hour street at 35 mph! They turn in front of me as I have the green left-turn arrow, forcing me to stand on my brake pedal, as I pray desperately that the person driving behind me has seen what caused me to screech to a sudden halt.

Yeah, I definitely need to work to maintain the few shreds I have left (buh-buh-buh).

I also like to construct necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other creations out of beads and beading cord. I am still trying to graduate to beads and wire!

I also cross stitch, but I have not picked this craft up for about 16 months — I overdid it the Christmas before last, making gifts for friends and family. I need to have the itch to take up needle, thread and Aida cloth again. (I’ve been thinking about it, but I am still working on the school colors afghan, and want to start my older son’s afghan.)

“That means you’ll be working on two projects at the same time, doesn’t it?” I know you are thinking that, and yes, I will be doing just that. It helps me to maintain a higher level of interest in the project underway, especially when it’s as large as an afghan.

I have several friends who enjoy “hooking” (that’s with the crochet hook, not the other, socially unacceptable behavior involving the exchange of a sexual favor for money). That is just one nickname for crocheting. (One historical account has it that female employees in lace factories were forced by their wealthy bosses to “turn tricks” on the side in order to make up for the fact that the factory owners paid less than a living wage. This was said to have occurred late in the 19th century. D. Stoller, Stitch and Bitch, the Happy Hooker) Anyway, my friends and I exchange ideas and tips. We show each other how to complete a particular stitch, such as the shell stitch. We show books and patterns. We exchange ideas. It’s a great way to bond with each other and relax! Given that I am so busy and trying to make ends meet, it’s probably one of the best, healthiest ways I can use to relax.

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