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Support for our beloved troops overseas

Support for our beloved troops overseas
The Bush administration accuses opponents of the war in Iraq of “not supporting our men and women overseas”, even as soldiers and marines have come back home and found . . . moldy, roach-infested rooms at Walter Reed Medical Center . . . and diagnoses of personality disorder that were said to have originated before they started serving overseas.

In December, 2006, the conditions inside Walter Reed became public knowledge, leading to several resignations of generals in charge of the operations at Walter Reed. Some of these problems have also been found in other military hospitals on other military installations in the United States.

The soldiers unfortunate enough to have landed at Walter Reed were promised full medical care, but that care has lagged and been inadequate for the injuries suffered by these brave men and women.

News reports from the past couple of weeks have included accounts of soldiers and marines who have returned to the U.S. after having been discharged. These individuals had been told, by their own accounts, that they would receive counseling and support for the disorders they had been told they had — such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Instead, they found out that they had been diagnosed with personality disorders which dated from before their initial enlistment dates.

The Bush administration is doing such an admirable job, supporting our men and women. The family members who love these men and women are lacking in their support for the troops. At least, that’s what the “Bushies” want us to think. Yet, when these heroes come back and are housed in moldy, buggy rooms and are denied care and financial support, when they are tarred with the stigma of personality disorders, instead of the emotional issues brought on by the stresses of war, they are “supporting” our troops.

President Bush is stubbornly refusing to hear the groundswell of opinion against the war, from the troops, their families and from Congress.

Let me ask the question again: Who is truly supporting our brave men and women overseas? Who is not supporting them?

Please give this some thought and keep it in mind when you hear Bush and Company defending the war and its “progress”.

God bless you and every one of our men and women in uniform, both here in the U.S. and overseas.


2007-07-18 04:29:24 GMT

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