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Look in on Trio los Guapos

by Bobbie Writer, Oct 7, 2008
About a Latin guitar trio that is achieving some fame in the southwest city of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Meet the members of Trio los Guapos (the Handsome Trio), a guitar group in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The group consists of Tom (Tomas) Ruiz, the lead guitarist and vocalist; Eric Garcia, who plays bass guitar; and Joseph (Joe) Alvarez, who plays rhythm guitar. Antonio Porlan, who also played and sang with the group, recently returned to his homeland of Spain with his wife and two children. . .
Read more about this group at http:musiccouch.com/musiccouching/Trio-Los-Guapos.288207.

Where you can Read my Writing . . .

Hello to all! This is Barbara Alvarez and I want to let you know where you can find my writings. I write on a variety of topics, such as pets, crafts, children, relationships, writing, child abuse, ADD and ADHD.

I am also in the process of writing a novel; however, I am getting ready to write the true story of a young man here in Las Cruces who survived a DWI crash in which he was one of several victims. Now that the driver who hit the car has been sentenced, I am free to write this story.

I write for Demand Studios, Triond, Helium and Suite 101. (I am new to Suite 101 at this moment.) Please check below for the links to my stories and articles. I hope you will find something which interests you or helps you to find information you need. Happy reading!









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