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Make Your Own Face Cleaners


If you’ve decided you want to take care of your skin by using products that come from nature, you may be hesitating because of the high price tags. At the same time, you don’t want to use products that have been made from chemical substances because you don’t want to harm your skin. You can make your own, then you’ll know the ingredients in your cream.

Feed and Pamper Your Skin

The foods you eat nourish your body, so it only makes sense that some of these same foods can be used to nourish and treat your skin, thus helping to restore it to a healthier condition. The substances you put, rub and massage into your skin (lotion, facial cleanser, masks, moisturizers, foundation, cosmetics and makeup removers) are absorbed by your skin. In a word, your skin “consumes” what you put on it. This should make you think carefully about what you put on your skin in the name of beauty.

You can make your own face cream if you are wary of using the products sold for just a few dollars a bottle. Many of the ingredients are food items that we have no hesitation putting into our bodies. You can use such foods as honey, olive oil, wheat germ oil or canola oil. You can find these at a grocery or health food store or online.

Face Cleaner Ingredients

Cleansing Cream Recipe–this recipe is a cocoa butter body and face lotion. Ingredients include lanolin oil, citrus essential oil, Borax, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, coconut base oil, almond, macadamia nut or apricot kernel base oil, beeswax and cocoa butter. Check health food stores for the oils; you can buy the glycerin at your drug store as well.

For the Moisture Cream, you will use glycerin, honey, witch hazel, wheat germ oil and rose water. You can buy the witch hazel (without alcohol) at a drug store.

For the White Rose Otto Cold Cream, you will need beeswax, local honey, either jojoba, olive or another cold pressed/expelled vegetable oil, alba rose hydrosol, borax and pure rose otto essential oil. If you have a farmer’s market in your area, you can find someone who sells honey made locally. Order jojoba oil from herbs-wholesale.com. Hydrosol, which is a less concentrated scented oil, can be ordered from mountainroseherbs.com.

Follow Recipe Directions Closely

If the recipe tells you to complete an operation, such as heating oils, do so or your recipe won’t work. Add ingredients in the order and to other ingredients (add Borax to water and glycerin).

If you are told to allow mixtures to cool, do so. Don’t rush the mixing or the ingredients won’t mix properly and you have a mess on your hands. If you run the mixture through your kitchen blender, follow those directions very closely. Add the essential oils last and blend them into the mixture.

If you are told to refrigerate your face cleaner do so. Try to use it up in the amount of time specified in the recipes. These preparations can spoil just as food spoils. Use the cleansing cream within 30 days to avoid spoilage. Use it within three to six months if you keep it refrigerated. Store the moisture cream in an airtight container and use it within 30 days.Once you have thawed a portion of the Rose Otto Cold Cream, you must use it within 48 hours or it will spoil. Keep it refrigerated since it contains no preservatives.

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